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>I don't know if this is just me being stupid, but I should like to say that 
>the article is written in indecipherable riddles - it is absolutely stacked 
>full of obscure references that went completely over my head. I've 
>never really noticed this in Gould's writing before. 

I guess this is a bit off-beam for the list, but I've been following
Gould's work (as a critical fan) for a long time. He seems to have two
writing styles, one for his NH articles and collections thereof
(increasingly convoluted over time) and another much more straightforward
style for themed books (Wonderful Life, Life's Grandeur [published as Full
House in the States, I think]). Might be a case - well known in other
authors -  of someone writing clearly when they think they have something
really important to say. In Life's Grandeur he beats the drum by making the
same points over and over again in plain English to the point that,
frankly, it gets pretty tedious - very different from his convoluted,
indirect, flowery mag style.

(BTW, there was a brief discussion on the list about progress in evolution
a while back. Gould's Life's Grandeur is where I got the 'drunkards walk'
example of apparent 'progress' by random wandering - just remembered)

Best to all