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Re: Kirkaldy and SVP Ethics Statement

>In a message dated 11/27/00 11:37:39 PM EST, MKIRKALDY@aol.com writes:
><< I submit this description to a journal, along with a few digital pictures
> page costs, then put the specimen in my underground vault, refusing to let
> anyone else see what is after all MY research.  Since this is an
> extraordinary fossil, certainly my description is enough to satisfy the
> requirement that something is better than nothing. >>
>Oh, give me a break! I personally certainly wouldn't do something as absurd
>as this,

Of course you wouldn't.  But the situation Mary described is functionally
similar to what often happens with specimens in private hands - however
good the intentions of the owner at the time of study, there is no
guarantee that the specimens will be available for future workers.

 but think about what has been happening with the Protoavis material.
>Shall we drum Sankar Chatterjee out of the SVP?

What, exactly, has been happening with "Protoavis?"  Last I heard, it was
properly curated at Texas Tech (which has a good, recognized museum) and
available to outside researchers.


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