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Re: JP III Item

Dan Varner wrote:
<<I'd love to see a new dinosaur film without a kid in it.>>
    Perhaps you mean, "without the sort of flat and lifeless kids Crichton 
usually creates"?
    Know a Hollywood agent? I am shopping a three page film treatment of 
DInosaur Wars at the moment. It will be a movie without kids. The heroes are 
a crusty old paleontologist who discovers traces of a Cretaceous 
civilization, a studly wolf-reintroduction biologist, and a cute-but-plucky 
Montana rancher's daughter whose homestead becomes the center of a massive 
end-Cretaceous wildlife reintroduction program - whether they want it or not!
    I don't know if people on this list have checked out my website or the 
book yet, but I believe it will satisfy even the pickiest of dino-critics: 
    Well, maybe not the pickiest. But just beneath its main plot of: Can 
young Chase Armstrong and Kit Daniels survive and find love amid the 
dinosaurs, lies the subplot of: what would it be like to have dinosaurs in 
your back yard? A major purpose of the book is to bring dinosaurs up close 
and personal, in an attempt to bring them vividly and accurately alive for 
the reader (or viewer someday). The ramblings of this list have influenced my 
work to date. I hope that I will get some feedback on how well (or 
not-so-well) I am doing.
    Thanks all,
Thomas P. Hopp
Author of DINOSAUR WARS, a science fiction novel published by iUniverse
Now Humans are the Endangered Species!  http://members.aol.com/dinosaurwars