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Re: Kirkaldy and SVP Ethics Statement

 Ken Kinman wrote....
 > Such
 > documentation should be sufficient for the designation of additional type
 > specimens (lectotypes or whatever) in the small percentages of cases
 > the private collectors are not cooperative in the future.

     The "small percentage of cases"?  I'd like to see a few statistics to
 back up THAT claim...

 and Dinogeorge wrote...
 >Oh, give me a break! I personally certainly wouldn't do something as
 >as this, but think about what has been happening with the Protoavis
 >Shall we drum Sankar Chatterjee out of the SVP?

     And what exactly IS happening with the Protoavis material George? If
you want to look at it, come down here and see it yourself.  Visiting
collections is a good practice to get into.

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