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Re: Kirkaldy and SVP Ethics Statement

Since I was talking about the future, I was making a prediction, not a claim. If the academics continue to be so uncompromising, we will never know if uncooperativeness would have been limited to a small percentage of cases.
The compromise I proposed would put high standards of documentation on those who want to publish on privately held material (including examination and documentation by professionals before publication takes place), higher standards than if the material were donated to a museum and more easily accessed.
However, if you just across the board reject publication of privately held material, then I think this unwillingness to compromise will indeed lead to higher levels of uncooperativeness. It will probably be a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy.
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Subject: Re: Kirkaldy and SVP Ethics Statement
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 08:30:29 -0600

Ken Kinman wrote....
> Such documentation should be sufficient for the designation of additional type specimens (lectotypes or whatever) in the small percentages of cases where the private collectors are not cooperative in the future.

The "small percentage of cases"? I'd like to see a few statistics to back up THAT claim...

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