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Re: New Ceratopian

AM Yates wrote:

> Yes the long-awaited "The age of dinosaurs in Russia and Mongolia is
> published" but it will cost you 90 pounds sterling to get it.
> Fortunately Mike Benton was kind enough to lend me his copy for a little
> while.
> The chapter on Marginocephalians by Sereno contains the description of a
> new Protoceratopid, Graciliceratops mongoliensis. The named is based on
> the partial skeleton that Maryanska and Osmolska referred to
> Microceratops gobiensis in 1975. Sereno points out that the types of
> Microceratops are indeterminate juvenile ceratopians and it is therefore
> a nomen dubium.

Would this make the genus _Microceratops_ a nomen dubium, or are more
species known? I know of _M. sulcidens_, is this still considered the same
as _M. gobiensis_?