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Re: The Lost World 1925 restoration wsa... Re: JP III Item

In a message dated 11/29/00 5:04:16 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
dinosaur@dinosaur.org writes:

 I've seen the "work print" which is nearly identical to what the final 
 version will be like except for a few corrections (one of which, apparently, 
 from one  of my suggestions. How's that for modesty).
 At any rate, the new DVD is comprised not only of the footage used in the GEH
 version, but some additional dinosaur footage never before included in a
 restoration!  There will also be an AMAZING surprise supplement to this 
 and as soon as I can, I'll spill the beans.
  Thanks to you, Ed, for your untiring efforts watchdogging this project and 
making public this information! Dan Varner.