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Re: Scientific American book

I should inscert here, on the subject of visiting Barnes and Nobel, that my
local branch doesn't carry the Scientific American book (yet, hopefully), but I
did find a new Nature Company Guide (Time Life) book on Dinosaurs.  It was built
like a guidebook, with a seperate page for different genera of dinosaurs.  This
is a format I like, but I was rather perplexed by the artwork.  Some of the art
was very uninteresting, with lumpy dinosaur bodies and tails like sausages, the
rest of the art was much better by comparison, with bright colors and
interesting poses and scenery.  I don't know whether the book highered two
different illustraitors or whether it was just one illustraitor who suddenly got
better, but I do know that the good dinosaurs pictures were invariably reacent
discoveries (Tyrannosaurs was poor; Giganotosaurus was nice), and the new
pictures bore a stricking resemblence to the work of Luis Ray (dum dum dum!)

All I did was scan the pictures, so I don't know anything about the quality of
the text, but the Scientific American book sounds much more interesting.