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Re: Specimen availibility

>    Moreover, described material which cannot be studied further is a
>potential source of genuine problems.  A good example may be Sue.  We have
>all heard Peter Larson's claim that Sue can be sexed using the first hemal
>arch, that she shows signs of having been mauled by another tyrannosaur,
>etc...Larson's claims are in the literature, and they have been cited.  Now
>Chris Brochu, after examining the same material, is publishing claims that
>at least some of this is incorrect.  If so, then discussions in the
>literature based on Larson's claims have been downright misleading.

Most of Peter Larson's claims (in my view) are incorrect.  But let's be
fair here.  He didn't just make his claims up - he had legitimate reasons
for each and every one of them.  They weren't just "misleading."  I
disagree with him on several points, but I do not for a minute think he was
inventing observations; I would only go so far as to claim he was
misinterpreting some features - an accusation many have levelled against me.


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