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Re: Specimen availibility

     I would like to say that your post below shows a lot of class, and, in my
view, a very mature approach to the "art" of discussion.  You stick to what you
believe to be correct, weigh the facts, and do not parrot others tired claims.

chris brochu wrote:

> >    Moreover, described material which cannot be studied further is a
> >potential source of genuine problems.  A good example may be Sue.  We have
> >all heard Peter Larson's claim that Sue can be sexed using the first hemal
> >arch, that she shows signs of having been mauled by another tyrannosaur,
> >etc...Larson's claims are in the literature, and they have been cited.  Now
> >Chris Brochu, after examining the same material, is publishing claims that
> >at least some of this is incorrect.  If so, then discussions in the
> >literature based on Larson's claims have been downright misleading.
> Most of Peter Larson's claims (in my view) are incorrect.  But let's be
> fair here.  He didn't just make his claims up - he had legitimate reasons
> for each and every one of them.  They weren't just "misleading."  I
> disagree with him on several points, but I do not for a minute think he was
> inventing observations; I would only go so far as to claim he was
> misinterpreting some features - an accusation many have levelled against me.
> chris
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