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Dinosaur FAQ #2

Thanks to everyone who's helped out with FAQ #1 (which you'll recall
was: Which scientific disciplines need to be understood in order to
study dinosaurs?)  The premilinary answer to that question is now up
and ready for comment: you can see it at
All comments are very welcome: please send them to <mirk@mail.com>

Now it's time to launch FAQ #2, which is on the subject of books:

        What books should I read to come up to speed on the current
        state of palaeontological wisdom, and to get the background I
        need in order to understand detailed technical material?

Remember that the idea here is recommend books that an intelligent
layman will be able to understand, so (for example) ploughing straight
in with Weishampel et al.'s _The Dinosauria_ is not the way to go!

All responses -- recommendations, anti-recommendations, discussion and
pointers to lists elsewhere on the web -- to <dinofaq@egroups.com>

Many thanks again to everyone who's helping.

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P.S.  A reminder that there's an overview of how best to help at