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Re: Reflexiónes de SVP 2000

Thanks to Dick Peirce (and Mary Kirkaldy) for the list of SVP highlights (and to the other attendees who have posted their perspectives). A lot of the stuff gets my heart pounding - like those 2 new oviraptorids...).

This also spiked my interest... (Even little _Leptoceratops_ is a ceratopsoid ...? Or is it a non-protoceratopsid, non-ceratopsoid basal ceratopsian?)

You & Dodson (Peter speaking) propose a new cladogram for the basal >ceratopsians: the Protoceratopsidae are restricted to Asia, while the >Ceratopsoidea (which includes the large ceratopsids) are restricted to >No. America. ...

I'm looking forward to seeing what impact _Avaceratops_ (based on the "new" referred specimen) and _Zuniceratops_ will have on ceratopsian phylogeny.



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