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Re: Details on Nanshiungosaurus bohlini

This was requested by Dan Bensen.  Enjoy.
 :-) 8-D =8-)
Etymology- "Bohlin's Nanshiung lizard", Dr. Bohlin being a paleontologist who collected dinosaur remains in Gansu Province, and Nanshiung being the area the type species was found in.
Now spelled Nanxiong (x being transcribed in earlier times -- before 1979, I think -- as hs or sh, resembling both and being neither).
Barremian, Early Cretaceous
[lots of snippage]
The Xinminbao Group has recently been shown to be Barremian, which is much earlier than the Maastrichtian sediments Nanshiungosaurus brevispinus was found in.
This specimen was between 5.8 and 7.8 meters long, comparing the vertebral lengths with Alxasaurus. The upper limit is close to the size of Therizinosaurus, so this is indeed one of the largest segnosaurs, as mentioned by Dong and Yu.
It was thought that Therizinosaurus reached 12 m -- is this outdated?
The atlas is represented by an odontoid and the neuropophyses.  The odontoid is subcircular and fused to the dorsal half of the axial centrum.
Interesting... Like in mammals. What a convergence!
Nanshiungosaurus belongs to the oviraptorosaur-segnosaur group (which desperately needs a name!)
Hmmm... if it exists. Sereno puts it closer to Ornithomimosauria all the time, and there are still people (like my 0.02 â worth) going around who think segnosaurs are more probably prosauropods...
Nanshiungosaurus bohlini is like Beipiaosaurus and more basal than Alxasaurus and Nanshiungosaurus brevispinus based on the presence of dorsal pleurocoels. 
while the presence of dorsal pleurocoels would argue against placement in the Therizinosauroidea.
As the extent of pneumatisation is heavily influenced by ontogenetic age and the fossil record of (of? for? what's correct?) segnosaurs isn't too good, couldn't we have found only subadults of Therizinosauroidea?
Whatever, I can just admire where you get all those papers from...