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Dinosaurs of New Mexico

For those of you who didn't see this on VRTPaleo:

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Please forgive any cross-posting.

We are pleased to announce that New Mexico Museum of Natural History and
Science Bulletin 17, Dinosaurs of New Mexico, is now available. This 230
page volume edited by Spencer G. Lucas and Andrew B. Heckert contains 27
papers derived from the highly successful symposium of the same name held
Saturday, April 29 in Albuquerque. Topics covered include dinosaur body
and trace fossils from each period of the Mesozoic and even putative
Paleocene dinosaurs as well. A full table of contents appears later in
this message.  This bulletin was published with support from the
U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

Volumes can be purchased directly from the museum Natureworks Store (see
the NMMNH web page at:   www.museums.state.nm.us/) Each volume is $30,
with an additional $5 shipping and handling for domestic orders, $10

Dinosaurs of New Mexico NMMNH Bulletin 17

S.G. Lucas and A.B. Heckert, editors

Table of Contents:

1. Dinosaurs of New Mexico: An overview (S.G. Lucas and A.B. Heckert) 1
2. Dinosaurs of New Mexico: A popular guide (S.G. Lucas and
A.B. Heckert) 5
3. Partners in Paleontology (F.M. ONeill) 7
4. Dinosaur tracksites in New Mexico: A review (M.G. Lockley, S.G. Lucas,
and A.P. Hunt) 9
5. Triassic dinosaurs in New Mexico (A.B. Heckert, S.G. Lucas, and
R.M. Sullivan) 17
6. Preliminary description of coelophysoids (Dinosauria:Theropoda) from
the Upper Triassic (Revueltian:early-mid Norian) Snyder quarry,
north-central New Mexico (A.B. Heckert, K.E. Zeigler, S.G. Lucas, 
7. Coelophysis bauri and Syntarsus rhodesiensis compared, with comments on
the preparation and preservation of fossils from the Ghost Ranch
Coelophysis quarry. (A. Downs) 33
8. Occurrence of the dinosaurian ichnogenus Grallator in the Redonda
Formation (Upper Triassic:Norian) of eastern New Mexico (A.P. Hunt) 39
9. Jurassic dinosaurs in New Mexico (S.G. Lucas and A.B. Heckert) 43
10. Paleobiogeographic homogeneity of dinosaur faunas during the Late
Jurassic in western North America (J.R. Foster) 47
11. Stratigraphy, taphonomy, and new discoveries from the Upper Jurassic
(Morrison Formation:Brushy Basin Member) Peterson quarry, central New
Mexico (A.B. Heckert, S.G. Lucas, K.E. Zeigler, R[onald]E. Peterson,
R[odney]E. Peterson, and N.V. "Dan" DAndrea) 51
12. The gastromyths of "Seismosaurus," a Late Jurassic dinosaur from New
Mexico (S.G. Lucas) 61
13. On the origins of gastrolithsdetermining the weathering environment of
rounded and polished stones by scanning-electron-microscope
examination. (C.H. Whittle and L. Onorato) 69
14. Apparent and implied evolutionary trends in lithophagic vertebrates
from New Mexico and elsewhere (C.H. Whittle and M.J. Everhart) 75
15. Cretaceous dinosaurs in New Mexico ((S.G. Lucas, A.B. Heckert and
R.M. Sullivan) 83
16. Migrating Cretaceous theropods? Evidence from oxygen isotope
geochemistry, Canada and New Mexico (M.L. Jensen, Z.D. Sharp, and
S.G. Lucas) 91
17. New information on the skull of Zuniceratops christopheri, a
neoceratopsian dinosaur from the Cretaceous Moreno Hill Formation, New
Mexico (D.G. Wolfe) 93
18. Stratigraphy and vertebrate biostratigraphy across the
Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary, Betonnie Tsosie Wash, San Juan Basin, New
Mexico (S.G. Lucas and R.M. Sullivan) 95
19. First occurrence of Saurornitholestes (Theropoda:Dromaeosauridae) from
the Upper Cretaceous of New Mexico (R.M. Sullivan and S.G. Lucas) 105
20. An impact fracture in an ornithomimid
(Ornithomimosauria:Dinosauria) metatarsal from the Upper Cretaceous of New
Mexico (R.M. Sullivan, D.H. Tanke, and B.M. Rothschild) 109
21. A review of Tyrannosauridae (Dinosauria:Coelurosauria) from New Mexico
(T.D. Carr and T.E. Williamson) 113
22. The sauropod dinosaur Alamosaurus from the Upper Cretaceous of the San
Juan Basin, New Mexico (S.G. Lucas and R.M Sullivan) 147
23. A review of ankylosaur osteoderms from New Mexico and a preliminary
review of ankylosaur armor (T.L. Ford) 157
24. Prenocephale edmontonensis (Brown and Schlaikjer) new comb. And
P. brevis(Lambe) new
comb. (Dinosauria:Ornithischia:Pachycephalosauria) from the Upper
Cretaceous of North America (R.M. Sullivan) 177
25. Review of Hadrosauridae (Dinosauria, Ornithischia) from the San Juan
Basin, New Mexico (T.E. Williamson) 191
26. A juvenile Parasaurolophus (Ornithischia, Hadrosauridae) from the
Upper Cretaceous Fruitland Formation of New Mexico (R.M. Sullivan and
G.E. Bennett III) 215
27. Evidence for Paleocene dinosaurs in the Ojo Alamo Sandstone, San Juan
Basin, New Mexico (J.E. Fassett and S.G. Lucas) 221


Andrew B. Heckert
Ph.D. Candidate
Dept. Earth and Planetary Sciences
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

"...a landscape as splendid as that of the Canyonlands can best be
understood by poets with their feet firmly planted in concrete data; and
by geologists whose heads and hearts have not lost the capacity for
                        ---Edward Abbey

"You set your sights high, and enjoy striving for the impossible."
                        ---my last fortune cookie
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