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Re: Prenocephale brevis

In a message dated 9/1/00 7:00:47 PM EST, kinman@hotmail.com writes:

<< Since it was named by Lawrence Lambe, it was almost certainly 
 discovered in Alberta. >>

>From Tracy Ford's data file:

Stegoceras breve LAMBE, 1918
= Stegoceras brevis LAMBE, 1918
= Troodon brevis (LAMBE, 1918) HAY, 1930.

Syntype: NMC 1423

Locality: Below the mouth of Berry Creek, east side of Red Deer River, 
Alberta, Canada.

Horizon: Judith River Formation, Campanian, Late Cretaceous.

Material:  Frontoparietal area of a juvenile.


NMC 121: Frontoparietal area.

NMC 193: Frontoparietal area of a juvenile.

NMC 194: Frontoparietal area without the posterior tips of the parietals of a 

NMC 8819: Frontoparietal area of a juvenile.