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Re: Dilophosaurus breedorum ref.

Rob Gay wrote-

> Hello everyone. I have another quick question. Can anyone point me in the
> right direction for finding the paper describing _Dilophosaurus
> I have the paper by Welles for Megalosaurus wetherilli, and it's renaming
> Dilophosaurus, but the D. breedorum paper has escaped me. Thanks.

The first named, but did not describe it, so it was a nomen nudum until the
second was published.  You may have to contact Pickering himself for the
second, as it is privately published.

Pickering, S., 1995. "Jurassic Park: Unauthorized Jewish Fractals in
Philopatry," A Fractal Scaling in Dinosaurology Project, 2nd revised
printing, Capitola, California: 478 pp. [January 27, 1995].
Welles and Pickering, 1999. An Extract From: Archosauromorpha: Cladistics
and Osteologies. 70 pp.

Mickey Mortimer