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New Mexico dinosaur volume


First I must say that this is a must have volume. Lots of articles on New Mexico Dinosaurs from the Late Triassic to Paleocene.


Hadrosaurs, Tyrannosaurids, Dromaeosaurids, Sauropods, Ankylosaurids, etc., lots of good info.


One new Dinosaur, Glyptodontopelta mimus. Known from pelvic armor and various body armor, place in the new subfamily; Stegopeltinae. The San Diego ankylosaurid, Stegopelta and Glyptodontopelta are placed into the subfamily.


A new species, Edmontonia australis.


A review of ankylosaur armor and an attempt to classify the areas of armor as well as the armor itself.


I doubt many will follow my classification, but it’s what I believe.


Done by me :>


Bob Sullivan referres some Stegoceras material to Prenocephele. P. edmontonensis, P. brevi and P. sp.