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Re: Anyone know what formations these are from?

Sorry, I can't help you, I can only criticise: "Likhoelesaurus" is a
rauisuchian (respectively one's teeth), "huene" and "hueni" should both be
"huenei", "Chienkosaurus" is the name for 4 teeth, 3 of which are from a
crocodile, 1 from Szechuanosaurus, Asiamericana is a saurodont fish,
"Arkansaurus" is probably Archaeornithomimus, and "quiao" contains a bit
much vowels for a Chinese syllable, I'm sure it's "qiao", q being an odd
sound, not a k or something similar.

I've never heard of Suchosaurus, Yangchuanosaurus "longqiaoensis",
"Huaxiasaurus" and "Grusimimus". What are these?

On Sun, 3 Sep 2000, Mickey Mortimer wrote:

> I'd appreciate it if anyone could tell me what formations the following
> theropods are from.  Thanks in advance.
> Teyuwasu barbarenai
> "Likhoelesaurus ingens"
> "Aniksosaurus"
> Kelmayisaurus "gigantus"
> "Labrosaurus huene"
> "Liassaurus hueni"
> Chienkosaurus ceratosauroides
> Suchosaurus
> Asiamericana asiatica
> Yangchuanosaurus "longquiaoensis"
> "Huaxiasaurus"
> "Tonouchisaurus mongoliensis"
> "Arkansaurus fridayi"
> Euronychodon portucalensis
> "Grusimimus tsuru"
> Gallimimus "mongoliensis"
> Mickey Mortimer