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Re: "Avemetatarsalia"

George Olshevsky wrote:

<<Ornithotarsi probably no good because it won't
include the genus Ornithotarsus (currently a synonym
of Hadrosaurus).>>

Nick Pharris wrote:
<Well, actually it would, if its membership is the
same as Ornithosuchia as currently defined--not that I
think it would matter much, as _Ornithotarsus_ is such
a crap genus.>

  Would this matter if *Ornithotarsus* was considered
a valid genus, and then only as the eponymous genus
for the group, rather than a group being coined to
reflect the avian-style metatarsus? I see the caution,
but this rather limits the coinage of terminology.

Jaime "James" A. Headden

  Dinosaurs are horrible, terrible creatures! Even the
  fluffy ones, the snuggle-up-at-night-with ones. You think
  they're fun and sweet, but watch out for that stray tail
  spike! Down, gaston, down, boy! No, not on top of Momma!

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