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Re: Anyone know what formations these are from?

I wrote-

> "Grusimimus" is a basal tetradactyl ornithomimosaur known from forelimbs,
> pelvis and hindlimbs found in the Early Cretaceous of Mongolia.  Barsbold
> announced it in a 1996 press conference with Gallimimus "mongoliensis" and
> said it was closely related to Harpymimus.

> For Grusimimus-
> http://www.cmnh.org/fun/dinosaur-archive/1996Nov/0051.html

As for where I got the name:

and specifically-

Apparently vertebrae and ribs were also found and another potential name for
this species is "Tsurumimus".  Both "Grusimimus" and Haprymimus were found
in Huren Dukh, so maybe they come from the same formation (Shinekhudukskaya
Svita, Aptian-Albian).

Mickey Mortimer