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Re: Anyone know what formations these are from?

In a message dated 9/3/00 7:02:22 PM EST, mickey_mortimer@email.msn.com 

<< Yangchuanosaurus "longqiaoensis" Li, Zhang and Cai 1999, is presumedly a
 sinraptorid carnosaur known from the Jurassic of Sichuan, China.
 "Huaxiasaurus" is presumedly a bird-like dinosaur from the Barremian Yixian
 Formation of Liaoning, China.  It has been mentioned in two news articles
 this year.
 "Grusimimus" is a basal tetradactyl ornithomimosaur known from forelimbs,
 pelvis and hindlimbs found in the Early Cretaceous of Mongolia.  Barsbold
 announced it in a 1996 press conference with Gallimimus "mongoliensis" and
 said it was closely related to Harpymimus. >>

Would like to know whether these names have actually seen >print< (and not 
just electronic/Internet chatter). News articles (need authors and dates) 
will do fine.