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Re: New mammalian clade names

In a message dated 9/4/00 5:45:22 AM Pacific Daylight Time, ELurio writes:

<< Um, why Eulipotyphla, if there is no Lipotyphla? >>
 Why not just "insectivora?" If it contains MOST of most of the traditional
  "Insectivora" then why not jut let it keep the tradtional name?

I think you have a point there, though sometimes "Insectivora" has been used 
for a more inclusive group than Lipotyphla (including, for example, 
_Leptictidium_ and allies).

Nick P.

P.S. Am I correct in analysing "Lipotyphla" as meaning "fat and blind"?  A 
reference to moles, maybe?