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FWD (Dinosaur/FT) Re: Triceratops was a giant horned turkey

Addendum to earlier post:
A page at Academic Press
< http://www.apnet.com/inscight/04122000/grapha.htm >
has a blurb with a few more details, plus a list of links to various
things (including several of their own publications, needless to say)
that may or may not be relevant.  http://www.dinosaur.org/ is kinda
cool, though it doesn't seem to have anything on this topic.

john k


>How accurate is this kind of DNA analysis of long-dead animals?

Not very.  A more balanced article can be found at
< http://www.discovery.com/news/briefs/20000426/dino_turkey.html >

I'm trying to find webbish information on the techniques used by Garstka
to extract DNA sequences from fossils, nothing found yet.

john k

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