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Re: Paraphyly and sister taxa (was Re: AMARGASAURUS SATTLERI)

In a message dated 9/4/00 9:32:39 PM EST, jeffmartz@earthlink.net writes:

<< A truly honest phylogeny would code all the individual cells
 (or rather genomes) in an organism as OTUs.  You would have a huge mass of
 billions or trillions of branches representing all the cell divisions in a
 body over the course of its lifetime, with a few isolated little branches
 coming out of the "germ cell clade", and uniting with isolated branches from
 the germ cell clade of your spouse to produce huge radiations representing
 the cells of your children.  The whole history of the Metazoa would look
 like trillions and trillions of impossibly huge adaptive radiations going
 completely extinct except for a few individuals from a single "clade", which
 give rise to the next huge radiation. >>

Welcome to the fractal nature of the Tree of Life.