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Various mammalian topics: RE: No Subject

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> When I asked why it was decided to change the name of insectavora,
> qilongia@yahoo.com writes:
> << Because Insectivora includes tenrecs, which are
> being excluded...>>
> When I objected to Birds being described as still being reptiles, I got
> slammed.

Indeed.  No one said that there was a legitimate or justified reason in this
aspect of mammalian taxonomy, and I do not know that there are at present
set phylogenetic taxonomic definitions in this part of the tree.

I would personally like Insectivora as the more inclusive clade and
Lipotyphla as the crown group, but that's just me.

> BTW, insectavores are monophylitic at least as around the area
> around the KT Boundry....

We honestly don't know that!! (And, of course, it hinges on what definition
of "Insectivora" you are using).  If what the molecular studies I referred
to earlier are correct, than "Insectivora" as Cope or Matthew or Romer
imagined this group is very much polyphyletic, and (based on the dates of
some of the earliest members of the various placental "orders") would have
been already separate at the K/T boundary.

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> << Laurasiatheria (Eulipotyphyla (most of the traditional
>  "Insectivora")...>>
> Um, why Eulipotyphla, if there is no Lipotyphla?

The authors in the paper I cited do not give their reasons.

> <<... Fereuungulata
>  (zooamates and cetartiodactyls), Scrotifera (fereuungulates
> plust bats) >>
> And the difference between Scrotifera and Laurasiatheria is...?
Laurasiatheria contains Eulipotyphyla plus Scrotifera.

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