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Re: New mammalian clade names

In all this discussion, I find myself somewhat in over my head..

Can someone suggest a good text on taxonomy and cladistics, suitable for a
soon-to-be-graduate? :)


For contemporary phylogenetics in general, including tree building, and giving a good idea of where molecular phylogenetics is going and what it's capable of try either:

Page, R. D. M. & Holmes, E. C., Molecular Evolution: A Phylogenetic Approach, 1998, Blackwell Science .

ISBN: 0-86542-889-1


Hillis, D. M, Moritz, C & Mable, B.K., Molecular Systematics. 1996. Sinauer Press.
ISBN: 0-87893-282-8

The molecular techniques are beginning to get a little outdated in the latter, but the tree-building and phylogenetics sections are first rate still.

For more pure cladism and phylogenetic reconstruction, try

Kitching, I. J., Forey, P, and Humpries, C. Cladistics - the theory and practice of parsimony analysis. 1998. Oxfrod University Press.

ISBN: 0-19850-138-2

which is pretty much the last word (at least, the last comprehensible and realistic word) in practical cladism.


Quicke, D. L. J. Principles and techniques of contemporary taxonomy. 1993. Blackie Academic & Professional Books (Chapman & Hall).
ISBN: 0-7514-0020-3


Whilst getting a little dated, this is still one of the most succinct summaries both of methods of phylogenetic reconstruction (both cladistic and pre-cladistic) and their application towards contemporary taxonomy that I know of.

If you really want a challenge, you could try getting hold of a copy of the now sadly out of print "Compleat Cladist" (sic!) by Wiley, Siegle-Causey, Brooks and Funk, I think this is best introduction I've ever come across, complete with exercises that take you right the way from start to finish. As to how to get it I don't have the faintest idea.

Hope this helps,

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