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Re: Anyone know what formations these are from?

TEYUWASU, from Tupi-Guarani  TEYU "lizard" and WASU "big", with the variant
forms TEIUAC(cedilla)U (pronnounce: tay-oo-ah-soo) , TEJUAC(cedinha)U
(pronnounce: teh-zhoo-ah-soo). TEYUWASU is the name of Tupinambis teguixin,
family Teiidae.

Joao SL
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Subject: Re: Anyone know what formations these are from?

> Thanks to many of you for helping me find the formations that the
> species belong to:
> Teyuwasu barbarenai
>     Santa Maria Formation (same as Hoplitosuchus, duh!), Carnian
> "Likhoelesaurus ingens"
>     Lower Elliot Formation, late Carnian-early Norian
> Chienkosaurus ceratosauroides
>     Kyangyan Series, Tithonian
> Suchosaurus cultridens
>     Wealden Formation, Barremian
> Asiamericana asiatica
>     Bissekty Formation, Coniacian
> "Huaxiasaurus"
>     Yixian Formation, Barremian
> "Tonouchisaurus mongoliensis"
>     Shinekhudukskaya Svita?, Aptian-Albian
> Euronychodon portucalensis
>     unamed formation, late Campanian-Maastrichtian
> "Grusimimus tsuru"
>     Shinekhudukskaya Svita?, Aptian-Albian
> Mickey Mortimer