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Re: SVPCA 2000, part 1

Did he use any studies of feathers in amber? As I recall there was some
very fluffy feathers-in-amber (the picture I recall was of a contour
feather with a downy base) that had been found pre K-T (that was talked
about onlist about 5 years ago).

Did he use the loose feather found in the Solnholfen without an attached
animal in his study?


darren.naish@port.ac.uk wrote:
> Paul Davis: Fun with dinosaur fluff: interpreting Mesozoic feathers.
> Paul claimed that _Archaeopteryx_ and _Confuciusornis_ only
> provide evidence for contour feathers: no filoplumes or down. Also,
> all but the very latest Cretaceous isolated feathers are contour feathers.
> I believe this is wrong. I'm also troubled by the fact that Paul started
> his talk by excluding nonavians - they cannot have feathers because
> they are not birds. Paul also showed his 'alternative' avian phylogeny
> (has been mentioned on this list before). It is controversial and strange
> because avisaurids and a few other enantiornithines group with
> _Patagopteryx_, hesperornithiforms, ichthyornithiforms and
> neornithines: not with other enantiornithines. Gareth Dyke was
> unhappy about this and asked for the data - Paul said it would be
> provided in due course.

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