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New Papers

The refs just keep pouring in...

This batch is from _Neues Jahrbuch fur Geologie und Palaontologie Abhandlungen_ 217(1)(2000):

Kaiser, G.W. Alternative origins for flight in birds. pp. 27-39.

I think this one warrants putting the abstract here:

"Three origins for flight in birds are discuseed in terms of adaptive scenarios. The discovery of feathered but flightless dinosaurs in China suggests that many of the adaptations in birds, currently considered as components of flight, might better be considered as requirements for the success of feathers and the development of feathers may well have been a more important event in bird evolution than the development of flight. The existence of an array of potential ancestors with feathers and the success of large groups of birds without volant representatives suggest that flight might have evolved more than once."

...and the inevitable rebuttal (which gives a clue as to the theme of the former):

Pfretzschner, H.-U. Is aquatic habit really an alternative origin for flight in birds? pp. 41-43.


Larsson, H.C.E. and Gado, B. A new Early Cretaceous crocodyliform from Niger. pp. 131-141.

Named _Stolokrosuchus lapparenti_.

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