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Re: No Subject

It doesn't matter the etymology of the names... Being so litteral, we will
have to change all Systematics. Pandas are herbivorous, so let's delete
Carnivora . Gorilla was used by Punic Hannon to describe a kind of "hairy
women" that probably were chimps, so Gorillas will have to receive another
name. And Primates are not the Superior Mammals, so let's change this name

Joao SL
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> Eric,
>      I agree with you that birds should be removed as a separate class,
> creating a paraphyletic Reptilia.  If strict cladists want to combine them
> to achieve holophyly, that's okay too (after all, I do this informally by
> including a marker for birds in the reptile classification).
>      However, among the many different concepts and classifications of
> Insectivora over the years, almost all of them have been polyphyletic.
> Removing tenrecs (or any other "insectivorous" group) to eliminate
> is a totally different matter.  Noone (cladist or eclecticist) wants
> polyphyletic groups.
>      "Insectivora" is almost as confusing as "Herbivora" would be.  The
> reason Carnivora is okay is because a lot of unrelated groups have not
> put into it.  There are carnivorous marsupials, but they are so clearly
> "unrelated" to eutherian Carnivora, that the later has never been treated
> like a wastebasket the way "Insectivora" has.
>                    -------Ken Kinman
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> >From: ELurio@aol.com
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> >
> >When I asked why it was decided to change the name of insectavora,
> >
> >qilongia@yahoo.com writes:
> >
> ><< Because Insectivora includes tenrecs, which are
> >being excluded...>>
> >
> >When I objected to Birds being described as still being reptiles, I got
> >slammed. BTW, insectavores are monophylitic at least as around the area
> >around the KT Boundry....
> >
> >eric l.
> >
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