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Re: Is *Amargasaurus sattleri* a Parent Clade for Dicraeosaurines?

< I'm just suggesting that phylogenetic taxonomy has selected one arbitraily
chosen criteria (common descent) for breaking up animals over another
because its more useful to us as people interested the big evolutionary
picture.  Again, just because its artificial doesn't mean we
shouldn't use it, because it IS useful.>

What do you mean by 'artificial'?  Do you mean that the principles used to
distinguish ancestry are logical but arbitrary, and cannot be confirmed as
consistently giving accurate results?  Or do you mean that this approach
must fail because it is impossible to distinguish between/among species
sufficiently to determine ancestry?  Or something else?
If the approach is likely to fail at accuracy, how useful is it?
(I recognize the significance of your observations about how difficult it is
to declare some animals different species.  This is an elaborate, technical
discussion, and the fact that the red wolf  might be considered endangered
because of interbreeding with grey wolves when genetically they ARE grey
wolves shows me that the current rules may not last.)
Looking forward to your response.