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Face-biting theropods

 Recently a popular article on my and Phil Currie's work on face-biting behavior in large theropod dinosaurs came out in the Christian Science Monitor (Aug. 17th issue, page 15). I have not seen an actual copy of the story, only a reduced version of it on the Internet. I tried without success to buy a copy on a recent USA trip and am wondering if anyone on the list has access to this magazine and could either buy me a back issue or two  (I'll reimburse you plus postage) or photocopy same. Also I need to know what the volume number and issue number is, ie: Volume 23(567). Please reply offline if you can help.
 By the way, for those that are interested, the actual full technical paper on the face-biting topic will be in the upcoming (very soon I hope!!) large GAIA volume on theropod paleobiology. This is apparently printed but not yet available. The publishers told the many authors that it would be available mid-September. The Portuguese journal GAIA has a website so you might check there for availability.
 Many thanks,
Darren Tanke, Tech. I
Dinosaur Research Program
Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology
Drumheller, AB, Canada
Senior Editor, Paleopathology and Recent
Dento-Osteopathology Bibliography; see homepage
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