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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #148

In a message dated 9/7/00 1:31:34 PM EST, tmk@dinosauricon.com writes:

<< Is this correct? And where do _Maleevus_ and _Sauroplites_ go? >>

Scolosaurus and Dyopolosaurus are separated from Euoplocephalus, again on the 
basis of osteoderm patterns, but remain with Euoplocephalus in 
Ankylosaurinae. Maleevus is with Amtosaurus, Nodocephalosaurus, etc. in 
Syrmosaurinae (missed this in my previous post because it's typeset 
incorrectly in the paper--a bit of a rush job--and thus buried as a synonym). 
Sauroplites is Ankylosauridae incertae sedis.