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Re: Is *Amargasaurus sattleri* a Parent Clade for Dicraeosaurines?

>What do you mean by 'artificial'?  Do you mean that the principles used to
>distinguish ancestry are logical but arbitrary, and cannot be confirmed as
>consistently giving accurate results?  Or do you mean that this approach
>must fail because it is impossible to distinguish between/among species
>sufficiently to determine ancestry?

    What I'm talking about is phylogenetic (and other) systems of
classifying; not phylogenetic analysis as a means of reconstructing
evolutionary lineages.  This is not an attack on cladistic analysis.  It
isn't even really an attack on classification, because I'm not suggesting we
don't use it.  I'm simply pointing that the sharp divisions we draw along
what was originally a continous lineage of organisms that were pretty much
indistinguishible from generation to generation is an artifact of extinction
and a spotty fossil record.  Nothing wrong with doing that, since it helps
us understand what was going on.  I just advocate recognizing it for what it

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