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Article on _Sonorasaurus thompsoni_

There is a local article about _Sonorasaurus thompsoni_ at:

"One big dinosaur"
"The Desert Museum opens a new dinosaur exhibit but axes its paleontology 
research program."

Along with an interesting description of the find and the planned exhibit at 
the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, the article reveals that: 
"...museum officials acknowledged they will discontinue their paleontology 
research program. That raises the possibility that the bones that inspired 
the display will be moved elsewhere."
"Local scientists have criticized the Desert Museum for poor handling of the 
collection and for neglecting its paleontology research program, which hasn't 
had a paleontologist since 1998."
"The museum doesn't plan to search for more fossils at the Sonoita site, on 
state land about 40 miles south of Tucson. The area also won't receive 
special protection."