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Re: Sickle-Clawed birds

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Subject: Re: Sickle-Clawed birds

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Betreff: Sickle-Clawed birds (was Details on Hulsanpes)

> Wait a minute.  I've heard that Archaeopteryx may have had a hyper
> inner toe, but Patagopteryx and Confuciusornis too?  I've always liked
> Patagopteryx because it seemed to be a perfectly ordinary flightless bird,
> we might have running around in South America right now, and as for
> Confuciusornis, it's weird enough already!
> Just how widespread were sickle-claws among the dinosaurs?
> Dan

There is a reconstruction of Patagopteryx in The Dinosauricon showing it as
a basal alvarezsaur. Judging by how little is known of the skeleton (e. g.
the tail is completely unknown, the arms "end" just below the elbows), and
by the fact that it was described before Mononykus, this is possible.
However, T. Mike Keesey still puts it into Euornithes and allies it with
Gargantuavis and Kuszholia as Patagopterygiformes (interesting and not
implausible, but I don't have an idea why).
Sickle claws or hyperextendable toes or whatever are said to occur in
Ornitholestes, too, so maybe that's a coelurosaurian or neotetanuran
synapomorphy lost several times.

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