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MAP announcement

Posted on behalf of Beth Merritt <bmerritt@aam-us.org>, to whom questions
should be addressed.

November 1 Deadline for Funding Museum Growth and Change

Grants are available from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to
fund participation in AAM's Museum Assessment Program (MAP).  MAP provides a
process of self-study and peer review to help museums assess their
institutional priorities and stimulate strategic planning. Grants are
non-competitive and available to applicants on a first-come, first-served
basis.  Museums pay only  a small cost share ($300-$980, depending on budget
size.) The next deadline for grant funding is November 1, 2000. Applications
are available from the American Association of Museums Web site at
or by contacting the MAP staff (202/289-9118 or

Three assessments are available, Institutional, Collections Management, and
Public Dimension. Collections Management Assessment focuses on collections
policies, planning, access, documentation, and collections care within the
context of the museum's total operations. Because it involves a broad range
of museum staff and member of the governing authority in the assessment
process, MAP is an opportunity to educate the organization as a whole on
collections issues, and reinforce the integration of collections care into
the planning and budgeting process.

Sally Y. Shelton
Collections Officer
National Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian Institution
Washington, DC   20560-0107
phone (202) 786-2601, FAX (202) 786-2328
email Shelton.Sally@nmnh.si.edu

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