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Dino Press magazine

Dino Press magazine

The first issue of Dino Press magazine, published in Japan by Aurora Oval 
Inc., arrived here today. We can consider it the successor to Dino Frontline 
magazine, whose 13th and last issue was published in 1996 by Gakken Mook. In 
format and style it is practically the same publication, and not surprisingly 
it even has the same editor in chief, Mr. Masaaki Inoue. The cover is Mike 
Skrepick's colorful painting of a Tyrannosaurus devouring a Triceratops from 
the Lanzendorf collection.


The main contents of the first issue are:

"Sue at the Field": color photos of the mounted "Sue" Tyrannosaurus rex 
skeleton at Chicago's field museum by Terry Wentz, Casey Carmody, and John 
Weinstein, with a note by Susan Hendrickson

"A Dinosaur Ready to Fly": an account of Sinornithosaurus millenii by Xu Xing

"A Hundred Episodes on Ancient Animals": text and sculptures of feathered 
dinosaurs by Shinobu Matsumura and Seiji Yamamoto

"A Bird's Eye View of Museums": floor plans of the dinosaur galleries in 
several eastern North American museums, by Ichiro Fukuhara

"John J. Lanzendorf: The King of Dinosaur Art Collectors": photos of the 
Lanzendorf homestead filled with dinosaur art, and a report by Mike Skrepnick

"Tokyo International Mineral Fair" and "Tucson Mineral Show": reports on 
fossil exhibitions by Yoshio Ito

"Exploring early evolution of ichthyosaurs in the Canadian Rockies: 
Excavation of the largest marine reptile": article by Makoto Manabe and 
Elizabeth Nicholls that includes information on the new whale-size 
23-meter-long ichthyosaur

"Tapejara imperator, An Unusual Flying Reptile from the Ancient Skies of 
Brazil": article on the bizarre Santana pterosaur by Alex Kellner

"Our Love Affair with Dinosaurs": article on societal aspects of 
dinosaurology by Robert J. Sawyer

"On a Pack of Theropods from Argentina": article on the new giant-theropod 
(maybe bigger than Giganotosaurus) bonebed in Patagonia and other theropod 
bonebeds by Phil Currie

"The Social Lives of Giant Killer Dinosaurs": article on social theropod 
behavior by Don Lessem

"Following Dinosaur Tracks in Thailand": article on dinosaur ichnology by 
Ryuichi Kaneko, with some discussion of Phuwiangosaurus and Siamotyrannus

"Reconstructing an ancient forest from fossils in amber": article by George 
Poinar, Jr.--the title says it all

"Growth patterns of dinosaurs": inferring dinosaur growth patterns from bone 
histology, an article by Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan, one of the world's leading 
students of dinosaur-bone histology


Dino Press is published quarterly (January, April, July, and October), but 
there will be no October 2000 issue since the pilot issue (undated) has only 
just appeared. Volume 2 will be dated January 2000 and the quarterly schedule 
will take off from there. ISBN 4-434-00417-4

Issues #2 and up will carry a regular "dino-news" column by me, illustrated 
by Luis Rey and Tracy Ford, titled Dinosaurs 2001. Each column will report on 
a dinosaur described within the past year or two.

The text is in Japanese, but English versions of all the articles are 
available on request and will presumably be distributed along with the 
magazine outside Japan.

Ordering information is available at these websites:




The former is at the Black Hills Institute website, the latter is Dino 
Press's own website, apparently still largely under construction.