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New Museum Photos Posted: Pratt and Redpath

Hey group,
Recently I have added yet another group of dinosaur and paleo photos to my 
website.  Although none of my new pages deal specifically with one dinosaur, as 
my Cryolophosaurus and Suchomimus ones did in the past, there are still some 
interesting shots that some of you may be interested in.

During my recent trip to New England I was able to visit the Pratt Museum of 
Natural History at Amherst College in Massachusetts.  The Pratt has a large 
Tertiary-Quarternary collection, including a mammoth, mastodon, cave bear, 
Irish Elk, saber tooth tiger, dire wolf, and several horses and camels.  They 
also have some nice invertebrates, plus a fine collection of paleontological 
murals by F. Cushing Hall.  

Perhaps most relevant to this group are their specimens of Kristosaurus and 
Podokesaurus.  Their Podokesaurus is a cast (one of only three known in the 
world, as the original was destroyed by fire).  It may be the only Podokesaurus 
on the net, so some of you may be interested.  All of the specimens mentioned 
above can be seen at http://www.geocities.com/stegob/pratt.html

I also visited the Redpath Museum of Natural History, at McGill University, in 
Montreal, Canada during my trip.  This antiquated museum contains a fine 
Albertosaurus specimen, along with the whale Delphinapterus (found in 
Montreal).  In their non-exhibited collections the Redpath possesses many fine 
early tetrapod specimens from Horton Bluff, Nova Scotia.  Some of these, along 
with a nice early fish and some aistopods from Mazon Creek, can be seen with 
the Albertosaurus and the whale at http://www.geocities.com/stegob/redpath.html

In a few weeks I will get to posting my photos from Dinosaur State Park and the 
Museum of Science in Boston, so stay tuned.



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