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Re: Sickle-Clawed birds (fwd)

Sorry, I'm *really* speaking of Patago*pteryx*. Please have a look at Classifications|Avialae|Ornithurae|Patagopteryx in http://dinosauricon.com. Anyway, thank you for information about Ornitholestes and Megaraptor (and I simply forgot Noasaurus, you know, so sickle claws have evolved more than once).
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Gesendet: Dienstag, 12. September 2000 04:15
Betreff: Re: Sickle-Clawed birds

> David Marjanovic wrote:
> <There is a reconstruction of Patagopteryx in The
> Dinosauricon showing it as a basal alvarezsaur.
> Judging by how little is known of the skeleton (e. g.
> the tail is completely unknown, the arms "end" just
> below the elbows), and by the fact that it was
> described before Mononykus, this is possible.>
>   It's not *Patagopteryx*, a bird. It's *Patagonykus*,
> which is an alvarezsaur originally described in 1996,
> then fully described in 1997, both by Novas. This form
> has partial forelimbs including the forearm and manal
> elements, and they are surprisingly large for an
> alvarezsaur compared to *Mononykus* or *Shuvuuia.*
> Even *Alvarezsaurus* apparently has smaller arms
> relatively, though I'd have to check. The
> reconstruction on Mike Keesey's Dinosauricon had
> better have the forelimbs, or I'm going to be very
> annoyed....