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Hey Gang -  I have a modest proposal -

[Subliminal suggestions in {}'s ]

  As many of you know, I used to send some detailed lists
of references to the list with small descriptions of the
papers, etc. and, due to incredible amount of work for the
last few years, have not had the time recently to do this.
Wonderfully, lots of others have been doing the equivalent
since before I started and throughout that time. The problem
is that I can never keep track of what has been mentioned
before and, at times, have not reported refs even when I
have had the time because I can't remember what's been done.
I suspect others may be in the same boat.

   It would be nice to have a list librarian {Tracy} who
could keep track of references {Tracy} and to whom all of us
hardworking reference addicts would send - email - the
reference data to {Tracy} and this person {Tracy} would
collate them, remove dups and send them periodically to the
list.  I just don't have the time to do this myself but do
have time to type in the refs and send them to someone
{Tracy} who can keep track of the dups {Tracy} and put them
in a single email, perhaps with volunteered descriptions
from people (with ID). As a bonus for this person {Tracy},
those of us who can should try real hard to make this sure
this person {Tracy} has long-term access to as many of these
new refs as possible and that person {Tracy} should probably
be someone who is absolutely inclined towards trying to get
every dino refence ever published {Tracy}. Would also be
nice to start to coordinate all the electronic reference
lists on dinosaurs that the various members have so we can
assemble a full comprehensive data base for all to use and
abuse. Would take some merging and editing but the results
would be amazingly useful. If anyone has nice OCR software,
the interesting place to start would be the Dinosauria and
the M&C Biblio, as well as the BFV. Could probably bribe
Weishampel to provide the electronic ref lists of the
chapters of the new Dinosauria as it comes out.

Anyway, I'm game to put the work into typing in the oddball
stuff I run into, but wonder if anyone {Tracy} would be
foolish enough {Would not be foolish for Tracy} to volunteer
to try and do this. Anyway, just a thought but would be nice
to have.

{No pressure Tracy - there just aren't that many out there
more reference addicted - I mean informed - than I am}

End of a Modest Proposal

Ralph Chapman