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INFO on probably maxilla of Saurornitholestes

Hy to all the list-members
Well, today I have received the 28th issue of "On the tracks of the
Dinosaurs" and the Dinosaur of the week is Saurornitholestes langdoni, the
thing that has struck me is that there is a photo of a maxilla found in
Alberta, that according to the author belongs to Saurornitholestes.
In a preliminary observation the maxilla seems very similar to the same
element drawed by Ostrom (1969) for Deinonychus (YPM 5232) and in some
degree to the same element drawed by Norell (1999) for Achillobator. Infact,
as in Deinonychus and Achillobator the maxilla is triangular in lateral view
but from what I can see is deeper in regards to that of Deinonychus
resembling more the same element of Achillobator, like in the last, the
antorbital fenestra seems larger in regards to that of Deinonychus, and as
in Deinonychus and Achillobator immediately anterior to this fenestra is a
small semicircular accessory antorbital opening, the jugal processo is
straight as in Deinonychus not downturned as in Achillobator. The three
teeth present on the maxilla seem larger and more spaced, very similar to
those of Achillobator than to those of Deinonychus.
I'm very grateful if someone can help me in the identification of this
element, I can send a "jpg" image offlist.

Marisa Alessandro
"Volounteer of Paleontological Museum of Monfalcone"
Via Achille Grandi n°18
Tel:039-0464-434658 Email amaris@tin.it