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RE: Darren Tanke in San Diego Union-Tribune article

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> Dinogeorge@aol.com
> I was surprised to find an article on dinosaur (theropod) combat
> in today's
> (9/13) San Diego Union-Tribune that features work by and a photo of list
> member Darren Tanke. The article, titled "Meat-eating dinosaurs had own
> family feud," is by Eric Niiler (that's the correct spelling, not
> a typo), a
> local freelance science writer; it might be available at a San Diego
> Union-Tribune website (don't know a URL, sorry). One thing the article
> mentions is that Darren's work is "reported" in an article by
> Phil Currie and
> Darren in >Gaia<. Does this mean the Gaia theropod volume has at last
> appeared?

The Scoop on Gaia:

There WAS a printing in mid-summer, but there were major physical printing
errors involved, so it wasn't sent out.

We (authors and guest editors) were told that the new printing was going to
run last month, and that we should be receiving copies in "mid-September".
I myself have yet to receive them, but who knows: maybe they showed up at
Tyrrell in any case.

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