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Re: Where to purchase casts and models?

Ilja Nieuwland <ilja@mac.com> wrote:

> We were wondering whether anyone might recommend a
> good and
> not-too-pricey way to obtain some resin casts and
> models of dinosaurs
> and similar (sorry) critters. We've been looking
> around a bit but much
> that is offered on the web seems to be of
> questionable quality.

If you haven't tried Link and Pin Hobbies yet, give it
a shot.  Here's the url:


Go to the dinosaur models page.  These are resin
models (mostly -- there's some injection-molded
plastic too) of variable quality.  But it will give
you some idea of what's out there for the non-museum

The page is dinosaur-heavy, because dinosaurs sell,
but includes many non-dinosaurs too.

I hope this helps.


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