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Requiem for a Flying Goat

  Just the other day I was thinking how I had not
actually gotten to speak with Betty at last year's
SVP, among most of the people at the Get Together or
later -- we'd just never run into each other. I had
spoken with her at length on the list and offlist, and
she had always struck me as a highly-intelligent,
witty, and yes, fair-minded person who wouldn't stop
at playing the "other side" to the point where you
wondered how much she believed her position. Her will
was that great. It was a charm to read from her
oft-curious postings, and to find the data that she
had snipped from the mainstream to propell our ways. I
will personally miss her exhuberance and wit, only
shared through this electronic medium. My regrets, and
best wishes wherever she may need them.

  Jaime A. Headden

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