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RE: Darren Tanke in the ....

Hi George and Tom (and everyone else, of course),

As Darren is doing some field work up in northern Alberta right now, I'd thought I'd reply for him. No, he still hasn't received his GAIA edition. We are anxiously awaiting it. Also, I know that he would love to have a copy of the newspaper article to which you refer. George, (or anyone else who has the article) if you could please send him a copy, we'll happily reimburse you for the postage. If you need his address, please let me know. Thanks so much for pointing out the article!

Just in case anyone was looking, I found a copy of the Christian Science Monitor that had the article about Darren and Phil's research, so we no longer need a copy of that article. Thanks again.


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  Kipling, "The Female of the Species"

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