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Tim Williams wrote...
>While on the topic, what IS the preferred nomenclature for the Chinle Group
>/ Formation and the Dockum Group / Formation?  Anyone?

    I'm just starting to get a handle on that myself and am in early stages
of massive reference collection.  As I understand it, there is considerable
disagreement between Spencer Lucas and, well, almost everyone.  Lucas has
raised Chinle to a Group, and included the Dockum in it, a move strongly
opposed by Thomas Lehman here at Tech.  As I noted in my previous post,
Lehman also opposes Lucas's renaming of several formations and members,
including creating the name "Bull Canyon Formation" for a formation in
eastern New Mexico that is clearly continuous with the Cooper Canyon
Formation of the Dockum Group named by Dr. Chatterjee.  Hopefully I'll have
a good enough hanle on things in a few months to start forming an opinion.

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