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RE: Betty Cunningham passed away

Shocked.  Stunned.
I couldn't think to respond to the news on the list until now.

She & I had some email correspondence - the last of which was last Tuesday
(9/5/).  She always impressed me with her ability to quickly muster vast
resources in pursuit of information - some online, some books or
periodicals, and some of it stored away in her quick, witty brain.  On
occasion, when someone would discuss something that, while involving
dinosaurs, related several different esoteric pieces of information and
areas of study together, Betty was among the few who could readily
understand and comment accurately on it.  She could skewer your finely
crafted theories with a well thought-out insight.

We had discussed her computer graphics work several times.  (I liked her
work, and even when I had some minor criticism about it, she remained
friendly to me and was quite willing to discuss the details with me).

At one point, when I was working at home for several months, I would try to
post the latest and greatest, or strangest, dino-related news story BEFORE
Betty did.  I only beat her to the punch 4 times in nearly a year.

I feel cheated in no longer being able to meet her.

I will miss her. She will be missed by many.


Fare thee well, Betty.

Allan Edels