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Although it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable to add my reaction (I only had 
two off-list emailconversations with her, but they were long) I feel the need 
to say something too. I will remember her for her broad knowledge. I sometimes 
post questions on 
the net and almost everytime she would respond. The one I remember best was 
about Suchomimus. I thought I had worked out how it MUST have hunted. She 
proved to me that I didn't think about everything. She gave a LOT of examples 
of things I hadn't thought 
about. We continued this exchange of ideas and info for a few weeks. Although 
she kept correcting me on most suggestions she always ended the message in a 
way to encourage me to keep thinking/fantasizing about my idea's. It will be 
weird to post my next, 
almost certainly not correct, view of dinosaurs and the way they lived and not 
see her long response full of friendly suggestions and/or corrections.
I think the amount of responses about her intimely departure is already a great 
testimony to her legacy. As far as I am concerned she is still on the list, 
because she enhanced our knowledge (certainly mine).

Betty, thanks for your numerous kind responses and our emailconversations,

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