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Well, this has been a productive topic.

First of all.  The Kimmeridge Clay ornithomimosaur is tied with a Morrison
Formation form as earliest ornithomimosaur.  This specimen is reportedly a
nearly complete skeleton and was mentioned in an SVP abstract a few years

I still say that "Ginnereemimus" does not have an arctometatarsus.  Both the
figure and description state it doesn't.  Note my previous e-mail:
http://www.cmnh.org/fun/dinosaur-archive/2000Jan/msg00364.html .
I'd be happy to send scanned pics of "Ginnereemimus's" metatarsus to those
who contact me once I get my scanner back.

Shuvosaurus is supposedly a derived coelophysid and I doubt it and
Gojirasaurus are synonymous for the same reasons Carpenter does.  I'm nearly
certain that Shuvosaurus is theropod and not rausucian, based on Rauhut's
excellent work.  Look at
http://blackwidow.informatics.sunysb.edu/anatsci/browse.cfm for his first
paper on the subject.

Mickey Mortimer